How To: Open a champagne bottle like a pro

Open a champagne bottle like a pro

Chef Jason Hill tells us how to open a champagne bottle without much noise safely. Before opening the bottle make sure it is chilled to about 45 to 50 degrees. You can fill a bucket with half ice cubes and half chilled water and chill it for 30 minutes or you can refrigerate the bottle for 3 hours .When the bottle is chill remove it and dry it with a towel and carefully remove the foil with the wired wood intact. Grab the neck of the bottle with your left hand and place your thumb over the cork to properly open the bottle. Place the bottle against your body at a 45 degree angle tightly, press down the wire and unscrew it, with a firm grasp on the cork. Twist it slightly so that it slowly lets the gas to escape and thereby pushing the cork not much quietly but safely. If the cork is still not released try to run the neck of the bottle in hot water. A properly sealed champagne bottle will remain fresh in the refrigerator for 3 days. Never open a champagne bottle with a coke screw.

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